Monday, May 4, 2015


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Hopeful Swedish prog outfit NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS have been working on the follow up album to their much acclaimed psychedelic and ambitious third full length ' Cosmic Child' released in 2013.

Voted as Album of the month in several major magazines, "Cosmic child"  benefitted from a roaring press : 

"Pulsating ambiences and pounding rhythms from Sweden's answer to Mastodon. Spellbinding stuff !" METAL HAMMER (UK)

"There's certainly an arena-ready slickness to these six songs, one which summons Floyd, Rush and, to make this even slightly contemporary, Cave In" TERRORIZER (UK)

"This is a gem, a must for demanding listeners" ROCK HARD (GER)

"A real surprise !" LEGACY (Ger)

"This is like a total immersion in a very strange and fascinating world !" OBSKURE (FR)

The new album in the works will see the band breaking new walls and pushing musical barriers further . Scheduled for a Fall release.

Drummer Tor give us more details :

"  Hopefully there will be an album out in September ! I don't want to reveal too much but were doing an interpretation of an old sci-fi masterpiece. It will sport the good old Keepers sound but with a little more synthesizers, lap-steel, mellotron, percussion, jazz, prog, doom and a little less of my singing i guess. And maybe a few to many ride cymbals..

And hey! We're working together with a great friend and director to create a video for one of the songs, which is a first for us, so that's a thing! The song is about a decadent train ride through the stratosphere where we've lost all hope, family and friends, and the drug use is turning manic.
It's got some pretty cool kraut rock vibes to it which is nice! We'll try to have it in the hands of the audience for free sometime in may.

We would like to extend a great many thanks to the fans, from the New Keepers of the Water Towers! Follow us on our facebook page for cool pictures and concert dates, like April the 30th when we're playing at Heavy Days In Doomtown in Christiania ! "

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