Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Physical Noise announce new singer: Roberto Ramon Messina (ex Secret Sphere)

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BIG NEWS FOR THE NOISE! https://youtu.be/Cv3-ki-VAbM

After the split with former singer Luca Fizzarotti, today with proud and enthusiasm they officially announce the entrance into the line-up of Roberto Ramon Messina as official vocalist!

Following his 13 years career with the band Secret Sphere, metal music finally occurres to him again with Physical Noise, with immediate impact on the composition of the new album of the band. 

- We’re so glad to have the chance to play with such a singer! We immediately started a ghood friendship bond that will make us go further, so we wish him tousand “green” days! -
Ramon: - I’m honoured to be back to metal scene again, I asserted myself to wait until I could find the right band to share with strong emotions with. They firstly hit me with the energy they communicate as persons, even before their music. Together we are making Physical Noise being reborn and we’re heading towards new musical aims! -

You’ll have a preview of the new style in a couple of weeks, when they will publish “Exodus”, new single taken from the upcoming album.

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