Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Punishment 18 Records: classic Despair album 'Decay of Humanity' reissued

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Punishment 18 Records will re-release Technical Thrash Metal classic album "Decay of Humanity" from German metal band Despair. Originally, the album was released in 1990 via Century Media Records. The band formed in 1986 with vocalist Robert Kampf, although the group swapped Kampf shortly after the release of the their first full-length "History Of Hate" (1988) for new vocalist Andreas Henschel in 1988 as the former became head of record label Century Media Records. Afterwards, guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, for Century Media Records, produced band such Sentenced, Tiamat, Asphyx, Exumer, Grip Inc., Moonspell, Samael, Unleashed, Borknagar and many more.

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