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RAMMING SPEED CELEBRATES LAUNCH OF NEW BEERThrash/punk/grind quintet reveals news on upcoming album, due this fall

Punk-inspired heavy metal outfit RAMMING SPEED have teamed up with Charlottesville, VA'sChampionBrewing Company to launch their very own brew, the "Black Leather IPA"! The brew-tal beer will debut on April 18 during a free concert featuring the band, Iron Reagan and others at the Champion Tap Room.

In addition to a new beer, the band has also finished tracking their new album! The follow-up to their critically acclaimed Prosthetic debut "Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die" was once again recorded at Godcity Studios in Salem, Mass. with none other than Kurt Ballou (Skeletonwitch, Trap Them, Converge). A fall 2015 release is expected.
Drummer Jonah Livingston commented, "On April 18th, the Ramming Speed 'Black Leather IPA' will debut at the brewery with a free outdoor show featuring our band alongside Iron Reagan, The Glorious Gone and Occultist. Working on this brew has been every beer-drinker's dream come true and we’re stoked to finally try it at the show!The beer’s initial release will be highly limited, available at the showcase and at a number of Richmond bars, including the newly opened GWAR Bar."

Livingston also commented on the process behind the collaboration, "We’ve spent many long drives in the van talking about what we would do if we ever had a chance to make a Speed beer. Would it be a super-shitty malt liquor? Would it be a refreshing summer brew? In mid-2014 Hunter from Champion Brewing started brainstorming with us and the most obvious answer was to go with a huge-tasting, toasty, hopped out, and brutally dark black IPA. We’ve known this dude forever and his brewery’s track record of working with bands and pushing the boundaries of craft brewing created a killer opportunity for us to work together."Added Champion Brewery owner Hunter Smith, "We have been really excited to work together on a collaboration with Ramming Speed. How cool to hook up with some old Boston buds who play music that I love?We haven't made a true Black IPA as a brewery before so when they mentioned the style, I knew it would be awesome. I am already envisioning getting my ears blasted and slamming a cold, hoppy black ale like the one we've created."

Watch below as RAMMING SPEED lend assistance in the making of their collaborative "Black Leather IPA" at the Champion Brewing factory!

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