Saturday, May 30, 2015

RAMMSTEIN's front man Till Lindemann releases new album. Single "Praise Abort" out now

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Rammstein have sold more than 17 million albums worldwide and is one of the most successful and respected rock bands of our time.
LINDEMANNSkills In Pills” is out on the 22nd of June, and is Lindemann’s first album in the English language.
Lindemann has made an unholy alliance with Peter Tägtgren, the Swedish metal  metal multi-instrumentalist from Hyposcrisy and PAIN and producer (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Children Of Bodom, Sabaton, Amorphis and many others).
As a front runner for the album, the single ”Praise Abort” was released yesterday, the 29th of May. Watch the video here:
Skills In Pills” is released in four editions;
CD – Vinyl – CD Deluxe & CD Super Deluxe
Track list:
1.Skills In Pills
4.Fish On
5.Children Of The Sun
6.Home Sweet Home
8.Golden Shower
10.Praise Abort
11.That’s My Heart

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