Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Soulseller Records - MIST - DEMON EYE - Full streams online

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The upcominig releases of MIST and DEMON EYE are now streaming in their entirety at the following locations until their official release through Soulseller Records on May, 8th.


MIST - Inan' : http://www.occultrock.com/2015/05/exclusive-stream-mysts-new-ep-inan-today.html

Slovenian Doom Metal band MIST will release a new EP on May 8th though Soulseller Records. The 4-tracker entitled "Inan'" will include 3 new songs and one from the ˝Demo 2013˝, recorded anew with the influence of the band's current lead guitarist, Blaž Tanšek.

Dark and groovy, loud and heavy - DEMON EYE are back! North Carolina’s occult hard rockers will release their new full-length entitled "Tempora Infernalia" on May 8th through Soulseller Records.

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