Friday, May 1, 2015

UNDER THE BLACK SUN Festival 2015: Running order published

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The UNDER THE BLACK SUN Festival has announced the final running order for this year's edition:

Thursday, 02.07.2015:

19:00 SODOMIZER (Brazil)
19:55 THORYBOS (Germany)
20:50 DROWNED (Germany)
21:55 ISVIND (Norway)
23:00 VADER (Polen)


Friday, 03.07.2015


14:30 MOGH (International)
15:30 HALLIG (Germany)
16:30 BLODARV (Denmark)
17:30 DEATHROW (Italy)


18:30 HEKEL (Netherlands)
19:25 THE COMMITTEE (International)
20:20 THE STONE (Serbia)
21:30 CRAFT (Sweden)
22:45 ENTHRONED (Belgium)
00:00 CARONTE (Italy)


Saturday, 04.07.2015


14:30 MURDER (International)
15:30 THYRGRIM (Germany)
16:30 AVENGER (Czech Republic)
17:30 DECAYED (Portugal)


18:30 MAVETH (Finland)
19:25 KORGONTHURUS (Finland)
20:20 BAPTISM (Finland)
21:25 HORNA (Finnland)
22:45 IMPALED NAZARENE (Finland)
00:00 TOTALSELFHATRED (Finland):

The UNDER THE BLACK SUN 2015 will take place from July 2nd to July 4th in Helenau (near Berlin). Tickets are available at the Folter Records mailorder.
More information about the UNDER THE BLACK SUN  are available here:
UTBS on Facebook
UTBS Homepage

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