Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Undobar : new album "Dark & rusty" for entire streaming

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A few weeks after its official release on CD and digital on the main legal platforms (iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon..), "Dark & rusty", the brand new record by French folk/rock outfit Undobar is now also available on vinyl format through its own webstore. To celebrate this release, the band just put the album for entire streaming on Bandcamp.  
Stream the album for full on Bandcamp | Get the physical CD/LP // digital copy of the album
If Undobar look like a quiet low folk/blues/rock band, you’ll be amazed cause these two musicians from the French bands Wine and Cross Damage, will play with the codes and do not hesitate to distill in their compositions and arrangements , a decidedly rock energy. In terms of influence alongside Johnny Cash closely Clutch or Queens of the Stone Age. With two guitars only and some drums, this two-piece band draws the portrait of an America haunted by its own ghosts, between folk, pop, rock, blues and grunge, in a French mood.
For fans of Alice In Chains, Clutch, Johnny Cash, Kyuss,…

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