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VENOM INC speak to The Power Of Metal.DK

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Venom Inc are gearing up for an extensive European tour that kicks off this September. The band was conceived when drummer Abaddon joined his ex-Venom bandmates Tony 'The Demolition Man' Dolan (vox & bass) and Mantas (guitar). Dolan and Mantas were (and still are) active with M-Pire Of Evil.

The Power Of Metal Webzine asked The Demolition Man for a few comments on all this.

How did Abaddon come to join yourself and Mantas?

TDM: Well I did an Atomkraft performance of the Future Warriors album at Brofest in Newcastle in the Uk a year ago and the promoter from Keep It True was there....I brought Mantas onstage to play 2 numbers with us...and the promoter had noticed Abaddon was at the show and wondered if we should have asked him to jump up also...he then contacted me a few weeks later and asked if he could book us for Keep It True...and then suggested...bringing Abaddon on at the end to perform some classic Venom,...I said sure why's about the music and the fans....that is ALL that matters...not any lame's kind of how it began...I spoke with both Mantas and Abaddon about the idea...and we went from there..We chose songs to do.that people had not heard in a while and had a great time...but leading up to it...we realized we were having great fun....and forgetting all the usual bullshit...surrounding Venom...that we could do more and have some fun with half measures.....not just about how much money we could get for doing it...but focusing on the real spirit that was the band and the fans that loved the it's all gone from there really...the name is not for 'cashing in' lol...someones already doing's because we have M:PIRE of EVIL, DRYLL, ABADDON and ATOMKRAFT from time to other management and production things we we chose something that incorporates all...under one roof...venom incorporated...because we were all in venom and it is incorporated into what we will do....simple as like it...come and partake...and don't? Cool...stay with what you do like...simple..

How are you feeling about the forthcoming Venom Inc tour?

TDM: We cannot wait...great bands all together...classic music...fantastic fans...what can be better...??? That is what it is about...not empty words...slagging off everyone you can with no foundation or real reason...just based on insecurity...just music and fans...that pure...for's like we are 20 again...and so excited to be coming with this....everything we can give of ourselves we intend to...just like it was and should hiding cars with blacked out windows...not hiding in hotel rooms....away from the very fans that make you....just one reason and one Legion together in music..! Bring it fucking on!!

This weekend you’re playing as M-Pire Of Evil at Titanfest in London, which also features Extrema, the main band of Francesco La Rosa, M-Pire Of Evil's current drummer. After that, can we expect to hear you perform more M-Pire material before the end of the year?

TDM: Yes we are proud to be headlining the inaugural TITANFEST show in london on saturday as M:PIRE of's a great lineup of bands and will be a killer day...but we are indeed almost finished the recordings on the new M:PIRE slowed but only because of our many live the end of the year we will have the new album released yes....again something myself and Mantas are very proud of and happy is our best work....and with the venom.Inc it also means we are free for M:PIRE rto be M:PIRE and Abaddon, Mantas and I can be free to re-discover in a very live way....all those lost in time Venom music...that made the band what they were...
Divine Chaos will be supporting Venom Inc on their tour. Band axeman Chris O' Toole had the following statement for the bands fans across Europe: "We look forward to bringing our brand of metal to some new corners of the globe as well as catching up with old friends." 

Divine Chaos will be playing tracks from their debut album "A New Dawn In The Age Of War" during this tour. The album is available to purchase/stream/download at Evil EyE Records website.  

Polish Death Metal veterans VADER will be the tour's main support and joing Venom Inc on selected dates will be WITCHES , allegedly the first band from France to feature female guttural vocals.

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