Thursday, June 11, 2015

SECRETS OF THE SKY unleashes 'Eternal Wolves' video

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"Pathway" full-length out NOW via Metal Blade Records!
SECRETS OF THE SKY reveals a brand new video for dramatic twelfth movement, "Eternal Wolves," viewable at where you'll also find the band's recently unveiled, Andrew Nethery (Melvins, Kyuss Lives, Dead Meadow)-directed clip for "Angel In Vines."

With the final descent of "Pathway", the latest studio offering from Oakland's favorite atmospheric doom alchemists SECRETS OF THE SKY, now officially been released, today the sound sergeants at Invisible Oranges deliver the awe-inspiring production in its lingering entirety.

In celebration of its release, today Invisible Oranges is pleased to offer up "Pathway", likening it to, "the doom equivalent of Alcest's Écailles_de_Lune or Solstafir on last year's Ótta, records with beauty, staying power and just enough grit to carry the day."

Get lost in the overcoming sounds of "Pathway" at

Engineered, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios with SECRETS OF THE SKY, "Pathway" is the gargantuan, thirteen-track follow-up to 2013's critically-adored "To Sail Black Waters" long player. Dark, brooding, pure and eclectic, the record finds SECRETS OF THE SKY at their most poignant. In a near perfect 9/10 review, Dead Rhetoric rightfully crowns the record, "an emotionally draining journey… the type of album that you can just close your eyes and visualize your own tale, even as some parts seem to prop up only after repeated listens," further championing "Pathway" for having, "all of the inner workings of a great and resonating album," while Metal Injection christened first single, "Three Swords" alone a "progressive metal masterpiece."

"Pathway" features the diverse vocal stylings of Garett Gazay, who seamlessly fluctuates between monstrous growls and clean, soothing cascades, all the while complimenting the twisted compositions of guitarists Bartholomew and Andrew Green. Bassist Ryan Healy and drummer Lance Lea round out the lineup, their rhythms and distinctive voices adding further depth to the collective's meticulous, blackened soundscrapes. Sonically, SECRETS OF THE SKY aimed for a massive, clean, and organic sounding production. Much time was invested in obtaining huge drum sounds and the focus was on single performance takes throughout the process. The result is an ambitious foray into conceptual storytelling, coupled with emotional music full of peaks and valleys. This is a metal record, to be sure, but more importantly, it sounds like an album of music. This is not a random sequencing of songs or a search for a "hit" single; the tracks all have their place in the story, and the cuts in between actually drive the narrative through sound effects and ambience. SECRETS OF THE SKY's "Pathway" is an experience to be had, as well as a record to merely be heard.

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