Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wormed enter studio

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WORMED have entered Sadman studios in Madrid. The Spanish masters of sci-fi death metal are recording their third full-length, which will be the band's first album for Season of Mist.

Pictures of the still continuing recording process are already available at WORMED's official 
Facebook page

WORMED comment:

"The material we are recording for our new album can be described as an epic and super massive attack of nano-machines, molecular blast beats in warp drive, riffing algorithms from the pulsar and non-organic voices from galaxy's central black hole, closing the trilogy. A prequel that reveals the events leading up to Krighsu's mission.

Prepare your brain structures for one of the most extreme acoustic pressures ever written by WORMED.

Will your human neurons withstand the pressure?"

WORMED have already earned a well-deserved reputation as an undeniably extreme and creative force in the international death metal underground. The band exploded onto the scene with their cult 2003 debut 'Planisphaerium' and has since toured the world including international festivals as such as Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic Death Fest, SWR Barroselas Metalfest, Death Feast Open Air, Mountains of Death, Obscene Extreme Festival and more.

Phlegeton: vocals
Migueloud: guitar
J.Oliver: guitar
Guillemoth: bass
G-Calero: drums

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